Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada is, to this day, one of my favorite cities in the world! I first discovered it on my 22nd birthday in 2001, when I drove my motorcycle there (all the way from Atlanta, GA – the other side of North America). I returned twice in 2004 and made a nice group of friends, who I know to this day. Speaking of which, one of my closest friends from those days, Natalie, just had her first baby! Time to return for some much needed catch up!

Anywho, this video was filmed in the summer of 2010 when I was living in Vancouver for 6 weeks. I took a nice long day bike ride with my roommate and her friends and we biked from the Science Center, along the waterfront to Second Beach, then through the woods of Stanley Park, and out to Third Beach for a nice swim in the waters of the Stanley Park Seawall (Ferguson Point in Stanley Park). Great day of new friends, exercise, and a sunset dip in the water.

Third Beach is a more rock n’ roll beach, for lack of a better word. We had to hide our beers from passing police, as that wasn’t legal, but the beach here is more European themed in that you can be topless and it’s not looked down upon. Though not being able to have an open drink isn’t very Euro, but hey, take what you get. Either way, it was a fun day in a great city with great people and an excellent waterfront.

I highly recommend visiting Vancouver, for the beach, but also the mountains, the city life, the yummy and healthy food, super friendly and welcoming people, and the fact that you can do all of this in just one day!