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Mike Lythcott is the creator of this site, an avid world traveler, lover of Thai food and a good dry Irish cider, web designer, and photographer based in NYC.

As of Feb 11th, starting in Chiang Mai, Thailand, going into Hanoi, Vietnam, then to Singapore, all over Bangkok and the south of Thailand, and into Beijing, China, I will be using the new life-logging app, Saga, from Seattle’s ARO. This new app integrates with social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, but also apps like Fitbit, MyMyFitness, RunKeeper, etc, to log your daily events, places you’ve been, things you’ve done, things you’ve seen. Using this data, the app gives you charts, notifications, and analytics about your daily life, info you can use to improve your commute or connect better with friends. When I check into a place, I can add notes, videos, photos, and share locations and destinations with friends via social media.

I’ve already been using it to remember all the places I’ve been, which is helpful when writing blog posts and I forget the name of a restaurant or venue. I just browse my lifelog and there it is, with notes ranging from “this place had excellent food” to important things I know I will need to remember for writing my articles later. For example, if I go to a temple in Thailand, I wont remember the exact name of the place, but I can write notes including the name and main characteristics, so I wont have to scratch my head of browse random photos later to remember important details. It’s a writer’s dream, as some of these destinations, I admit, ill have a few drinks and the app will be the only way to remember half of what I did!

And since some of your are probably concerned about privacy, the app comes with amazing privacy settings. I can set levels of what I want to show, from full name to even a delay on postings, and all based on level of friendship with my followers. Close friends I can set to see no delay in posts, my full name and show more personal characteristics and share all notes, videos, photos, social feeds, infographics, etc. For the general public, I can limit them to say, seeing a 5 day delay, and maybe only share Twitter and Instagram, but not facebook, and only show my first name, photos but not videos, no infographics or traits, but show notes. It’s all very easy to customize so privacy is protected.

Grab the app at the Apple store or Google Play and

follow my saga here: http://bit.ly/1g0gEb6

Get Saga

Here are some screenshots of my Saga in Thailand and Vietnam:

Watch this video from Saga, detailing how the app is used!