Hanoi city

Hanoi was not my favorite of destinations. Matter of fact, I didn’t really like it at all. I’ve gotten a lot of mixed responses, some people love it, some hate it. But being that I was traveling alone during this part of my trip, Hanoi is the kind of place that paints a target on your back if you’re alone. Though I had a small crew from the hostel, there were times that I found myself having to fend off taxi drivers tying to extort 600% the cost of a ride or everyone trying to rip me off or sell me things I didn’t need, while being worried that someone would try to take my camera (as a group tried to take my camera and phone one night).

But outside of the awful mafia taxi’s and general awareness that you’re definitely a foreigner, Hanoi was a lovely city. Sadly, I was there during a rainy week and never really saw the sun, but I did get to walk around and explore and the pho was unreal. I have to admit, had I just spent a week eating Pho, I would have been happier than .. someone who is really really happy! Here are some photos my exploring the city.. part one (of 3).