• Festival Of St. John - Porto - June 2013

Porto's all night street party/festival

One of the coolest, if not THE coolest summer cultural festival I have ever been to, is Porto’s Festa de São João do Porto, or The Festival Of Saint John The Baptist, held June 23rd every year. My good friend Silvia had been telling me about the festival for years, so I’m glad I finally made it summer 2013. Taking place ALL NIGHT AND WELL INTO THE NEXT DAY (NO JOKE), people start by grilling sardines, dancing, drinking and celebrating all night throughout the streets. Then at 3 am, the party really begins and you go ALL night, jumping from street concert to party. It’s normal to go well into noon the next day. The best part is the custom of hitting people on the heads with squeaky plastic mallots, which is SOO much fun to walk up to the biggest, meanest looking tough guy and you can totally him in on the head and he will not only enjoy it, but he will laugh and then give you a playful hit on your head. If there is anything you do in life, go to this festival!