• Mike Lythcott


Wheresmikey.com is the outlet for Brooklyn-based world traveler, Mike Lythcott. Hi, I’m Mike, my friends call me Mikey and I fell in love with the open road when I was 17 and following bands around the United States. Doing that, I met lots of new friends and saw lots of new cities. This, naturally, led to more traveling, spending a lot of time going to festivals and other music based destinations as a photographer. By the time I was 22, I had covered a good chunk of America, having driven my motorcycle across the continent of North America and back during my 22nd birthday. I’ve lived in Syracuse, Atlanta, Raleigh, Providence, Seattle, and now New York City. Though NYC is now my home, whenever I can, I get away and see the world, usually for months at a time.

Starting in 2009, I began traveling internationally, mostly to Europe, and more recently to Asia. The absolute best part of traveling are the people you meet, the adventures you have, and the randomness and unpredictability of it all! So in 2014, I decided to start writing about all my past, present, and upcoming travels. After years of traveling, I have figured out how to travel on a budget but still have an excellent time. I hope my writing can inspire you to travel, give you the tools and knowledge to have a great adventure, and if anything, provide an entertaining read. If I make new friends, even better. So don’t hesitate to contact me!

Though I will be writing about the destinations and places I visit, the overall theme of this blog will be to tell the stories of the people I have met. They are the core of the reason why I travel. Over the years, I have made friends all over the planet, and its safe to say I have dear friends in almost every corner of the globe. Words can’t express how amazing it feels to know you have a home away from home no matter where you go.

Other than that, about me, I live in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, in New York City. I work as a web designer, a job that allows me to travel (especially since I work for a company that myself and a friend started and work for to this day!) and I fancy myself a semi-professional photographer. I have an un-natural love for Thai food, drink dry cider (Magners and Bulmers, both Irish ciders, are my favorite), love stand-up comedy and everything from power metal to 90s indie rock, and my favorite destinations so far have been Spain, Portugal, Holland, Israel, Turkey, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Japan! (I haven’t traveled to South/Central America, but that is coming soon! I have a feeling Chile will be very high on the list!) I have two wonderful little cats, Jane and Bella, and I miss them terribly while I travel, but they always give me a reason to come home!

Though I will settle down at some point, I don’t see any reason to yet. The open road has a way of both stressing you out and calming you down. It offers an escape, a sense of purpose, and hey, we’re only on this planet once, so why not see as much of it as you can before you leave this place? My goal is to inspire and show you how easy it is to travel. Enjoy!