Hanoi, Vietnam Part 3

I didn’t do too many touristy things in Hanoi, I was mainly there for the food, the new friends, and Halong Bay! Plus it was rainy and cold and I was solo half the time, but I did make my way to the Hỏa… More »

Hanoi, Vietnam – Part one

Hanoi was not my favorite of destinations. Matter of fact, I didn’t really like it at all. I’ve gotten a lot of mixed responses, some people love it, some hate it. But being that I was traveling alone during this part of my trip,… More »

Bangkok & Chiang Mai, Thailand

This was my first time in Chiang Mai, a place I’ve heard about for years, and I finally had a chance to go! My buddy Danny was in town working and had a room in a 4-star hotel with two beds, so he offered… More »

Nepal - Bandipur

Bandipur, Nepal – lovely city in the mountains

Between Kathmandu and Pokhara, Nepal, is the little town of Bandipur. Idyllic and serene, this destination was a quick one night stop over, and sort of an accidental find. While searching out an off the beaten path destination, I came across a temple that… More »

Nepal - Kathmandu to Bandipur countryside

Photos from the Nepalese countryside

I spent a total of 8 days in Nepal, not a huge stretch, but enough to see a good amount of the country side. Here are some photos from trips in-between Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Chitwan.